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Inktober Day 16: Angular

Part 16: Sneaking Around

A5F27014-188A-439F-A2E8-2E93D60379B1 1 Charlie ducked into the alley way, pulling Moira with her. She pointed past a couple of stalls set up for the village’s swap meet, toward Mr. Betts who was looking at a small diamond shaped object. “What is that?” Charlie whispered.

“I dunno,” Daisy answered. “It looks creepy.”

“That’s some kinda magic trap,” Moira said. “We used to sell ’em at the shop, but mama said they’re dangerous.”

Charlie frowned, watching Mr. Betts pocket the trap, and continue walking down the street. For a moment, it looked like he started right at their hiding spot, but Charlie shook her head. That was impossible. How could he know they were following him?

Moira’s voice pulled Charlie from her thoughts as they ran down the alley to the next opening, “I hope he didn’t see us,” she said. “What do you think he’d do to us if he knew?”

“Nothin’ good,” Charlie whispered.

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Inktober Day 15: Weak

Part 15: We Gotta Stick Together


“Oh please, please can I come with you?” Daisy asked.

“No!” Charlie answered. “You just sprouted, grew, whatever you did, last night! And I gotta protect you from this guy who’s looking for a flower, or uh, whatever you are, just like you!”

“I’m just a little Floralize. We can change into anything.” Daisy sat down on the edge of Charlie’s math book and swung her feet back and forth. She sighed and jumped off the book. Struggling to lift the pencil from the notebook, Daisy smiled proudly. “See, I’m super strong!”

“That’s super heavy isn’t it?” Charlie asked.

“No… it’s not!” Daisy puffed. She finally dropped it. “Ok, maybe it was a little heavy.” She climbed onto Charlie’s shoulder. “Please? You can use me! Besides, someone’s gotta watch your back.”

“I have Moira!” Charlie gestured to her best friend sitting in the bean bag chair.

“Then I can watch out for both of ya! Let me be your protector instead!”

Moira grinned. “Daisy’s gotta point, Charlie. She could help us.”

Charlie sighed. “Fine. You can come.”

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Inktober Day 14: Clock

Part 14: The seed grows


Charlie shot up, bumping her head on the top bunk. Gwen rolled over, letting out a quiet snore as she continued to sleep. Sighing, Charlie rubbed her head, and looked around the room. She shook, pulling off the blankets. Looking around the room, the soft blue glow of the alarm clock greeted her eyes. She slipped out of bed and walked towards the window to look outside for awhile.

As she leaned over to pulled up the blinds, a small voice whispered, “Hello!”

Charlie jumped back, and followed the sound of the voice to the pot where she planted the seed a long time ago. “Hello?” she whispered.

A small head with yellow hair poked its head out of the flower pot. The tiny girl smiled. “Oh! It’s you!”

“It’s me?” Charlie whispered. She looked from the tiny girl to the bottom of the pot. Small yellow petals were scattered on the dresser and around the pot.

“You’re my protector,” the girl whispered.

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Inktober Day 13: Guarded

Part 13: You’re Adopted?


Charlie pulled Moira down behind the front desk and pointed to her mom, who was talking to Mr. Betts in the lounge area. The inn was busy today as people were checking in and out, and Charlie’s sisters getting rooms ready for the next guests.

“Why’s he talkin’ to yer mom?” Moira asked as she cast a silent charm around them.

Shrugging, Charlie answered, “He found out I’m the one who found the flower yesterday during my troop meeting.” She sighed. “Guess he’s tryin’ to learn about me.” The girls leaned in a little closer, peering over the edge of the front desk.

Mr. Betts smiled. “I wanted to ask you a couple questions about your daughter.”

“Oh, great. What’s Charlie done this time?” Mrs. Lowe asked. “Put wild animal in your room? Give you the wrong address?”

Charlie grinned at Moira, who giggled quietly.

“None of those,” Mr. Betts said. “I’ve heard a lot about her actually. Is it true she’s adopted?”

Moira tapped on Charlie’s shoulder and mouthed I didn’t know that. Charlie shrugged back, and pointed back to them.

“Ah, you must’ve spoken to my husband.” Charlie’s mom smiled. “Yeah, on the way home from a vacation, we found her as a little toddler. She was wandering an’ bawling her eyes out at this burned down village. Poor thing was so lost we took her in. Her sisters love her very much.” She looked out the window fondly. “She’s a little trouble maker, but she adores nature.”

“Has she shown any signs of being magical?”

Charlie frowned and looked to her best friend. Moira’s eyes were glued to Mr. Betts, eyes burning with anger. She pulled Charlie back, and together they hid in the office.

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Inktober Day 12: Whale

Part 12: Stealth Mission


“So acting casual means showing me a new spell,” Charlie started.

“Yes,” Moira looked away.

“That brings a GIANT WHALE,” Charlie tried to hold back her laughter, “to a stealth mission?”

Moira burst into laughter as the tiny whale splashed happily in its fishbowl. Charlie took one look at it, and she giggled uncontrollably at the whale. “If it helps, ” Moira said, “All that confusion probably threw Mr. Betts off us. I also managed to use a tracking spell on him, too.” She picked up the whale and hugged it. “Will you come help me convince my moms to let me keep this little cutie?”


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Hey Wait…. this isn’t your Inktober!

Hi all who have been following my Inktober story so far. Thank you so much for sticking around! It means a lot to me!

I have a bit of news for this weekend’s inks & scenes.

DAY 12 & 13 of Inktober will be postponed to Sunday, October 14!

I have the original drawing and a bit of story for today up on my Instagram @a_meek_writer, if you’d like to check that out. However, the digital ink isn’t done yet, so I won’t be able to post it tonight! I’m sorry, please forgive me.

I’m postponing the inks this weekend, well, because my friend is getting married! I’m super excited for her, and I’m one of her bridesmaids. I actually finished at the rehearsal a couple hours ago and got swept up in last minute bridesmaid errands. And tomorrow I will have little time to draw with wedding preparations and celebrations!

Hope to see ya all on Sunday with not just one drawing… but THREE!

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Inktober Day 11: Cruel

Part 11: The Stranger


He stepped into the inn, carrying a large blue suitcase. His stare was icy cold as he looked around the room at the other residents. The stranger wandered up to the front desk, and struck up a conversation with Charlie’s mom.

Mr. Robin, one of the inn residents, stared right back at the stranger. He leaned over to Charlie and whispered, “That looks like a man who’s up to no good. I just get chills when I look at him.”

Charlie nodded. “There’s something I don’t like about him.” She slumped down in her seat, only to notice her mom flagging her down. Sighing, Charlie stood up and trudged over to the front desk. “Yes, mama?”

Her mom handed her a key. “Will you take Mr. Betts to his room?”

“Fine.” Charlie clutched the key, and waved to the stranger. She made it a point to stay a couple feet in front of the man. He stared right through her, as if he knew her secret. A small shiver ran down her back. If he knew, then nothing about this was good.

As they climbed the steps, Mr. Betts asked her a ton of questions about the village and the wildlife. “Your mother told me you’re a Phoenix Scout,” he explained. “I hope you’d know a thing or two than anyone else, maybe seen something strange on your outings?”

Charlie froze just outside the room. “Here’s you’re room, mister,” she said quickly, unlocking room 151.

“Well, have you seen anything strange?”

She handed the stranger his key. “Someone found a new flower,” she lied. “But the rangers took care of it. Said it was dangerous.” Charlie pretended to smile. “Laundry room down the hall to the left. Meal times are on the room’s message board. Don’t ever be late to meals or you’ll never hear the end of it. Have a good stay!” She left Mr. Betts standing outside his room and ran as fast as she could back down stairs.