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An Inktober Short Story

Day Two: Tranquil

Part Two: Researching the flower


Rain hit Charlie’s bedroom window as she snuggled down in her bed. Her little sister Gwen was on the top bunk, playing with her airplanes and dolls. Every now and then, the bunk bed would shake, or thunder would boom in the distance. Charlie didn’t mind at all. This was the perfect time to read.

She reached down and picked up the book on rare flowers. The book had just come out recently since new things like flowers and animals were always being found outside their small village. Turning page after page, she gobbled up the information on blue sunflowers, snapping lilies, and fire roses, but there was nothing on the glowing flower she found in the forest. Charlie frowned.

Gwen’s head popped over the railing. “Can we play dolls now?” she asked.

“In a minute,” Charlie said as she flipped the page.

“Please? You’ve been reading about flowers for hours!” Gwen whined. “Mom says you gotta play with me.”

Charlie rolled her eyes. “No she didn’t.”

“Yeah! I can prove it!”

“Prove it then.”

Gwen pulled herself onto her bed and whispered something to her airplane. She poked her head back over. “She said it two weeks ago!”

“That was because you were whining about having nothing to do.”

“So? Mom said you have to play.”

Sighing, Charlie slammed her book closed. “All right, fine.”  She rolled out of bed, and reached for the doll clothes stashed under her bed. Gwen eagerly tossed her dolls down to the floor, and jumped from her bed.

“Let’s play cave explorers today!” Gwen said happily.

Charlie nodded and quietly grabbed her own doll. She glanced at the book, hoping to get back to it soon before the storm drifted away.


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An Inktober Short Story

Inktober Day One: Poisonous

Part One: Charlie Finds The Flower


Charlie inched forward. She reached for the slightly glowing flower as the breeze pushed the soft yellow petals away from her perch. “Just a little closer,” Charlie whispered. She had to get this flower. The small empty space on her sash was just screaming for the New Discovery badge. She would be the first in her troop to earn one. Smiling with excitement, she stretched her finger out a little further, inches away from the petals.

“Charlie! NO!” Miss Aline, the troop leader, pulled her away from the flower. “That’s the most dangerous flower in this forest.”

“Doesn’t look all that dangerous,” Charlie said. “Why’s it still here?”

“Just because it looks pretty does not mean it’s safe.” Miss Aline guided Charlie back toward the other scouts. “The rangers said it came out of nowhere, and scientists are still learning about it.”

“How is is bad?” Charlie asked. “Has it killed someone or something?” She glanced back at the flower. It almost seemed to wave goodbye to her. Charlie laughed and looked to Miss Aline again. They stopped by the boulders the rest of the scouts were climbing on, pretending to be mountaineers and trailblazers.

Miss Aline clicked on her radio, waiting for a ranger to pick up. “No, but there is a rumor that one touch of the petals could kill you in just a few days,” she explained. “Now stay by the others, and don’t go near that flower again, understand, Charlie?”

“Yes ma’am.” She nodded, and raced off to the nearest boulder. Turning back once more, Charlie gazed at the flower. It was still glowing, even as the sun set. There was something special about that flower. Charlie made up her mind. She would figure out where it came from and why it’s here, even if it would take hundreds of years.