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Inktober Day 9: Precious

Part 9: A Precious Seed

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“You’ve returned!” The flower said as the two girls approached. “I apologize for scaring you. I didn’t mean any harm by it, but you are both so young. Younger than the others.”

“Others?” Charlie asked.

“I visited many villages, leaving behind something precious to me. Each village I gave a seed to the ones I’ve found. Each much, much older than you, my dear,” the flower said.

“But why?” Moira asked. “I’ve never seen a magical flower like you before.”

“I want my children to grow in a safe, quiet place,” the flower whispered. “When I cannot keep them safe myself. One day, we’ll find a forest to call home once again.” The flower shook slightly, and a small seed floated towards Charlie. “Will you watch over this seed?”

Charlie held out her hands and caught the small seed in amazement. “Why me?” she whispered.

“You have a gift deep within you. Something magical. Something I can trust.”

Moira’s eyes lit up. “You mean Charlie’s magic, like me?” She grinned. “That’s the best news ever.”