Hi there! I’ll get this part done quickly! I write fiction and creative nonfiction, and sometimes poetry, so if you love to read something new, this is the perfect place! Most of my fiction pieces will be short children’s fiction or an experiment that’s been bouncing in my head for awhile.

Also, I tend to post random bits of writing that sometimes may be unedited from my journal. These are just things that have been bouncing in my head for awhile but never turned into anything big.

I have a few short stories floating out there in a literary magazine called the Driftwood. I am still in university(right next to the ocean- inspiration every time I look out a window!) as a Writing major. My end goal is to work in Children’s Fiction, as well as working in travel writing or in publishing.

Right now, I call San Diego my home, but I was born and raised in the hot deserts of Arizona!