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May 11, 2018


I am awful at keeping this updated. School and life just kinda… got it the way? Nah that’s not an excuse.

So I’ve decided to re brand this blog. Instead of just sharing my own writing, I’d thought I’d just also blog about the craft of writing, write book reviews, talk about my favorite books and upcoming writers, and maybe talk about my life from time to time.

I’m hoping to do a daily update with something different every day!

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September 16, 2017

Wow. Let me just tell you right now– Senior Year of College is crazy. I know I said I’d be right back to posting, but getting the hang of my schedule has been kind of a mess!

Which is why I have a new update schedule to keep me on my toes! Whether it’s something I’ve been working on or a completely unedited piece, I’ll be posting here every Friday.

Keep an eye out!