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Our Gigantic Universe


Do you remember

where we used to play

and when you and me

sprinted through our gigantic universe?


You and me, two best friends,

riding through the Wild West

chasing masked villains

into the fiery red sunsets


We traveled to space

where no man dared to go

dodging asteroids and

discovering planets


Our dragons soared in and

we flew over the mountains

and across the seas in

our fantasy world, just us two.


We swam up waterfalls

defeated super villains

battled with our monsters

and chased all the bullies away


Do you remember

when the bell rang and released

us out to the dusty playground

and we’d leap into our universe?


We dodged rolling kick balls

and tricky trap games with friends,

flew on the swings to outer space and

hid under our favorite tree


Where our gigantic universe

bloomed from our imagination

and never vanished

even when the whistles called us in